Project Name Project Description Picture Status
Shed ceiling Install new plasterboard and insulation. Completed
Shed Painting Paint floor, ceiling, walls, doors and window frame. Completed
Shed Electrics Install new flourescent ceiling and wall lights. Implement ring main & add new power sockets. Completed
Storage Lockers Build storage lockers in the pavilion for the footballers gear. Completed
Secure storage for football railings Build external blockwork structure to secure the football railing poles. Awaiting funding
Wall Workbench Build new 660cm x 60cm workbench against side wall with one lower shelf, complete with metalworking vice. Completed
Central Workbench Build new 240cm x 120cm workbench in centre of shed, complete with woodworking vice. Completed
Storage Drawers Fit donated wire and plastic drawers into wall work bench. Completed
Narrow Workbench Build 150cm x 45cm workbench against back wall to accomodate pillar drill and bench grinder. Completed
Central Workbench Shelves Install shelves in the central workbench to store tools and small components. Completed
Draughtproof Shed Doors Install draughtproofing to the bottom of both pairs of shed doors. Completed
Tool Holders Build custom wall mounted tool holders. In progress
Wood Storage Racks Install wood storage racks on side wall and over the shed doors. Completed
Surplus Racking Dispose of the redundant inherited racking. Completed
Wall Cupboards Install donated kitchen cupboard. Completed
Xmas Decorations Create christmas tree decorations. Completed
Vegetable Trugs Build a set of veg trugs for resale. On-going
Wooden Doormats Build a number of wooden doormats for resale. On-going
Cake Stands Build a number of cake stands for resale. 7 in stock
Kindling Procure and bag up kindling for resale. On-going
Chip & Chip & dust collector Build vortex chamber for vacuum to collect the chips and sawdust created by the woodworking machinery. In operation
Hedgehog Homes Commission to build dedicated homes by a hedgehog charity. Completed
Small bandsaw Recover a damaged bandsaw to operational status. Completed
Metal Lathe Reassemble and adjust donated lathe. Completed
Multi Planter Build multi-planter to customer's requirements. Completed
Woodworking Lathe Install donated woodworking lathe. Completed
Owl House Build prototype Owl House. Completed
Refurbished Table Resurrect old wood and cast iron garden table. Completed
Refurbished Cabinet Repair damaged left rear leg. Completed